14. November 2016

Key Features

User interface

The intuitive user interface resembles one of the biggest search engines on the internet. Because of this the user feels already at home at first use. Find the information fast and reliable even with plenty of search results. The zubIT-EnterpriseSearch allows you to filter your search with keywords in retrospect. This way you can form complex search queries. It saves you a lot of time and frustration. Use your time for important things instead of looking for files.


Sharepoint Connectivity

Furthermore our zubIT-EnterpriseSearch features a full implementation of Microsoft Sharepoint: This allows you to search all your files from your Sharepoint without a hassle. No matter how many Sharepoint servers you have in use, the zubIT-EnterpriseSearch is ready to search them all.


Office 365 Connectivity


Our zubIT-EnterpriseSearch excels in connection with your Office applications. It works with your emails, Word, Excel and OneNote documents. You can search your appointments, emails, contacts and files as never before.


Connectivity with your individual software


A lot of standard software has already been implemented by us. However, if you find yourself using an application that is not yet implemented, we are happy to help you out. We make use of the IPC (Inter Process Communication) by which other applications can be opened directly by the zubIT-EnterpriseSearch, even with the file in question.


Dont waste anymore time, find your files instead of looking for them!